Dome Shelter Accessories

Want to maximise the potential of your container dome shelter? 

Check out our range of extras to see how you can get the most out of your dome container shelter setup.

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Would these improve your dome shelter?

Ezy Igloo has a range of accessories that can make your on-site container dome shelter more effective for your requirements.

See below for a list of standard accessories you can add to your container dome shelter. Or if you have a custom accessory in mind, let us know and one of our design team will come up with the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Dome Shelter Accessories

All Ezy Igloo shelters come with an option to use a half end wall, or full end wall for even better protection form the sun, wind, rain, dust and snow. 

If you require a longer container dome shelter than is available in our Standard Range, simply add more shelters end to end to make your shelter any length you require. Our Joiner Strip creates a fully weatherproof seal between the domes.

Ezy Igloo work with a vast network of container suppliers throughout Australia. This means we can help with supplying modified containers which can add another dimension to how you use your container dome setup.

Ezy Igloo shelters are not just for mounting on shipping containers. You can transfer your dome container shelter into a post mounted, wall mounted or even ground mounted shelter. Our standard Base Rail makes this process super easy.

If you would like Ezy Igloo to supply any container anchors, we can certainly assist. We have various options such as weight inside containers, concrete piers, concrete slab bracket and screw anchors, or concrete free anchors for use in dirt.

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Our Standard Sizes

Ezy Igloo has a large range of standard size container domes to choose from. 

See below our Standard Sizes, or add domes end to end with a custom container cover to create a longer shelter.

All domes come with the option of half end or full end walls. 

6m x 6m

6m x 12m

9m x 6m

9m x 12m

12m x 6m

12m x 12m

15m x 12m

18m x 12m

21m x 12m

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