Why Choose Ezy Igloo for Shelter Solutions in Australia?

The Ezy Igloo team is proud to be a family-owned and operated business with a rich legacy of delivering high-quality shelters for over 30 years. Our commitment to providing reliable dome shelters has made us a trusted choice for Australians seeking cost-effective and durable solutions. Speak to our team today to discuss the right shelter for your needs.

A Range of Applications

We’re confident that our igloo shelters provide the perfect option for those looking to create additional workspace, storage space, livestock shelter, and many other applications. Designed and certified right here in Australia, our dome shelters undergo rigorous weld testing and inspection, surpassing Australian Standards. This commitment to quality ensures that every Ezy Igloo shelter is built to last.

We Don’t Offset Quality

While we are able to provide a cost-effective option by having the manufacturing process take place offshore, we ensure everything exceeds Australian standards. An Ezy Igloo dome shelter is made with quality steel and subjected to extensive testing to ensure the best possible balance between cost and reliability. Our Canvacon 7000E fabric cover comes in White/Silver as standard for maximum temperature and glare control.

We Help You Stay Within Budget

If you’re in need of a dome shelter in Australia and want to maintain your budget without compromising on quality, look no further. Our dome shelters offer the ideal balance between affordability and reliability. We understand the importance of keeping your valuable assets protected from the elements, whether it’s the scorching sun, heavy rain, hail, choking dust or relentless wind. With an Ezy Igloo shelter, you can safeguard your investments without straining your budget.

Durable, Reliable and Cost-Effective

In addition to a durable, reliable and cost-effective solution, we also offer customisation options and installation. Every Ezy Igloo dome shelter can be further fortified with a half-end or full-end wall. Beyond that, container anchors, mounting options and joiner strips may be added. While installing each igloo shelter and its accessories is quite straightforward, we also offer comprehensive installation for those who would prefer to leave it all up to the professionals.

When looking for an igloo shelter, dome shelter or any related product or accessory in Australia, it makes sense to trust the professionals at Ezy Igloo. Get in touch online or call 1300 399 445 and see how we can help!