Standard and custom, Igloo shelters

Buying a Shelter setup doesn’t have to be limited to “one size fits all”. In fact, an important part of any purchasing process. Is working with an experienced team who takes the time to give you a perfectly sized shelter to 100% suit your needs.

While in the consideration phase of purchasing a shelter you should think not only about the size requirements but how, when, and why it will be used. Our in-house design team can change your Igloos width, height, and length to what you require.

In saying that, we do also offer a large range of standard sizes. There is often a standard size Igloo already in stock. This means a quick turnaround time, despatch straight to site and ready for a quick and easy installation. Our standard spans range from 6m to 21m wide.

You can choose to mount your Igloo to the inside or outside of your containers. Full and half end walls are also an option if you need extra protection from the elements. Although Ezy Igloo Shelters have been designed to easily mount on shipping containers, the custom designed mounting brackets mean they can be easily mounted on posts, walls, or the ground.

Our igloo shelters have been designed and certified in Australia, so you can be sure your shelter will stand up to the harshest Australian conditions. From wind region A through to wind region D.

If you’re completing on getting a shelter, get in touch with our friendly team to see what we can offer for you.