Shipping Container Shelters for Aussie Industries

Shipping container dome shelters can provide a wide variety of industries with effective storage solutions. The team at Ezy Igloo have have extensive experience and are committed to high-quality products and customer satisfaction. In this article, we explore how our range of shipping container shelters can provide storage solutions for machinery, tools, stock and equipment across various industries. Contact our friendly team today for a quote.

Shipping Container Shelters

We have a range of container covers that can provide safe and effective storage for worksites across a variety of industries.

The Farming and Rural Industries

We’re a leading supplier of on-site shipping container dome shelters in Australia, with a versatile storage solution for most applications in the farming and rural industries in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Our container covers can provide:

  • Protection for machinery from weather
  • Protection for your livestock
  • Protection for stockfeed and fertiliser
  • Storage for tools
  • Shelter for vehicles

The Commercial and Industrial Industries

We offer shipping container shelters that are easy and safe to install while providing a site-specific design. Our shelters can suit small and large projects that require one or more shelters, all with different sizes to suit your needs. We can also create a customised set-up for different applications, such as:

  • Sheltered outdoor work areas for employees
  • Vehicle and plant storage
  • Undercover parking areas
  • Festival and outdoor dining venues
  • Temporary workshops

The Civil and Construction Industries

We have customised shipping container dome shelters to meet the more specific needs of more complex projects. There are a variety of applications our shelters can have for these industries, such as:

  • Heavy plant maintenance shelters
  • Temporary workshops
  • Protection for the plant from harsh weather
  • Relocatable workshops
  • Site shelter for employees

The Mining, Gas and Oil Industries

We specialise in the supply and installation of dome shelters for mining sites throughout Australia. Their applications can include:

  • Secure storage for vital equipment
  • A weatherproof area to perform maintenance
  • Freight storage
  • Relocatable workshops for mine sites
  • Shelter for employees

If you need an outdoor shelter for a wide range of industries, Ezy Igloo in New South Wales has a speciality dome to suit your needs. Contact us online today for a quote.