Protect Your Machinery With an Igloo Container in Queensland

The farming industry relies on expensive equipment, tools, manpower and vast amounts of harvested produce, livestock and feed. With over 30 years of experience, Ezy Igloo can provide a shipping container igloo to protect your Queensland farming operation from the harsh Australian weather. In this article, we explain some of the many reasons why you should choose an igloo container to protect your farming assets. Contact one of our friendly team members today for a quote.

Why Choose a Container Igloo?

There are many reasons why you should choose an igloo container for your farm.

Variety of Uses

A container igloo can serve a variety of functions. They can protect your assets with the same effectiveness as a typical shed while offering the flexibility of a portable shelter. This can allow you to store feed, hay, livestock or produce in a temporary work site, which can maximise efficiency on larger properties.

Excellent Quality

Every shipping container igloo we produce is made from the highest quality materials. They undergo rigorous engineering certification and quality-assurance testing to meet the high standards in Australia. 

Easy to Install

Installing an igloo container on your farm is a quick and easy process. You will receive clear and detailed assembly instructions that make your installation easy and straight forward.

Superior Protection

A shipping container igloo from Ezy Igloo can provide a safe place for your employees to work and relax while out on the farm. They can also expand your existing workspace by adding multiple igloos together. Our shelters provide superior weather protection and security for your valuable farming assets, such as:

  • Large and heavy farming machinery
  • Vast quantities of stockfeed and fertilisers
  • Expensive tools
  • Various farm vehicles, such as trucks, helicopters and tractors
  • Herds of livestock
  • Many employees

If you want to discover how a shipping container igloo can provide a variety of helpful functions for your Queensland farm, Ezy Igloo can help. Contact us online today and speak with one of our friendly team for a quote.