Protect Your Employees with Container Domes

Installing a shipping container igloo is an excellent option for your worksite because it is a safe and spacious way to offer protection and security. The team at Ezy Igloo have extensive experience, working to achieve customer satisfaction and workplace safety. In this article, we explain how our range of container igloos can be an excellent storage option that provides safety for your employees. Contact our team today for a quote.

Container Domes are a Safe Storage Option

There are many ways a container igloo from Ezy Igloo can provide an effective option for worksite storage while offering a safe place for your employees in Queensland, Victoria or New South Wales.

Engineered for the Safety of your Employees

We provide shipping container shelters that offer maximum protection and security for your employees. All our shelters undergo rigorous safety and quality assurance testing to ensure they can withstand the wind and weather ratings in your area. They all come with a cyclone-rated option, while some sizes are cyclone-rated as a minimum standard.

Flexibility of its Applications

Our container domes offer a spacious area where your employees can complete tasks safely while protected from the weather outside. They also offer a place for you to store equipment and tools securely for extended periods.

Customised to Your Specific Needs

You can use a container igloo for just about any task. We can customise the size and layout of your shelter depending on your specific needs. Our team will tailor a quote to the scale of the project.

Simple Installation Process

Our team can install shipping container shelters on almost any surface. We have experience assembling igloo shelters on dirt, concrete, grass or gravel, with all the tools and equipment to make the process efficient.

If you want a storage option for your worksite that also provides your employees with a safe place to complete tasks and shelter from the weather, Ezy Igloo can help. Give one of our friendly team a call or contact us online today for a quote.