Storage is seeming to be harder and harder to find. If you have the space available, an outdoor storage solution could be the saviour that you’re looking for.

Our Ezy Igloos are a great storage solution for commercial and rural residential.

For farms and rural properties, they are perfect to store anything from your vehicles to your tractors and farming equipment. As the dome structure provides a high clearance roof.

To take even more advantage of your Ezy Igloo you can use the 2 containers for extra enclosed storage. This can be used for livestock food and that camping and fishing gear that’s cluttering up your shed or carport.

As for commercial, many industries consider having the right amount of workspace important in their operations. If you don’t have ample space to cater to the needs of the business, you could find your products getting damaged or just not being able to keep up with demand. You can add full and half end walls onto your EZY Igloo to provide a more enclosed  storage space.

Storage solution
Made to order storage solutions

Ezy Igloo is one of the best ways to create extra storage areas and a place to get equipment out of the weather. They can provide long term protection or can be easily relocated if required.

So if you have a storage problem that you need solved please get in touch with our friendly team to find a solution that will suit you.

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