Ezy’s Australian Shelter Solutions: Durable & Affordable

Ezy Igloo’s dome shelters offer a winning combination of durability, affordability and ease of installation. This makes them the ideal choice for a host of different needs and applications throughout Australia. Contact us today to discuss how to build your bespoke shelter.

Durability Guaranteed

We take great pride in crafting each portable dome shelter to meet and exceed Australian standards. Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of each shipping container roof. Each weld is meticulously inspected, surpassing the stringent Australian Standard 1554.1. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive documentation with every purchase, ensuring you have evidence of our dedication to quality.

Affordable Excellence

While our dome shelters are renowned for their quality, they remain highly affordable. Our offshore manufacturing process allows us to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on materials. Ezy Igloo never compromises on quality: we never use inferior materials. 

No Compromise on Quality

Our portable dome shelters are not made with Chinese steel, nor are they produced in China. We use only top-quality steel, and our products are designed, certified and inspected to Australian standards. Our customers are supplied with mill test certificates, weld test inspection reports and third-party inspection documents to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Easy Installation

Installing an Ezy Igloo dome shelter is a hassle-free experience. We provide detailed and user-friendly instructions, backed by expert phone support should you need it. This means that our customers can confidently take on the installation themselves if they wish. However, for added convenience, we offer professional installation services. Our skilled team can come out to your site and ensure your shelter is installed quickly and efficiently, leaving you with peace of mind that it has been installed safely.

10-Year Warranty

To further demonstrate our confidence in the durability of each shipping container roof we produce, we offer a generous 10-year warranty on both the cover and the dome of our shelters. This warranty reflects our commitment to providing long-lasting solutions that stand the test of time.

When looking for shelter solutions such as a portable dome shelter or shipping container roof, trust Ezy Igloo. We offer durability and easy installation at the best prices in Australia. Call 1300 399 445 or contact us online to check out our quality range of options.