Our Installation team did a great job on one of our 12m x 12m Ezy Igloo domes.

This customer is a company in the Rural Supplies sector. They were after a storage solution to keep their products protected from the elements.  They are utilising the containers to store pallets and deliveries in, and the dome cover to store dry goods and larger equipment in. They have added a half end wall to the back of the dome. This is to provide some extra coverage from rain and dust. However, still allows them to move their forklift and equipment in freely.

Our Igloos can be installed and deconstructed quite quickly, which makes them easy to relocate. This customer chose to have our In-house installation team, who are specialists in dome construction and design do the installation.  However all Ezy Igloo shelters come with easy-to-read installation instructions. The instructions including photos that show each step of the assembly process. You have the option of either welding your frame together if you have access to a welder, or you can simply bolt and Tek screw the frame together.

12m x 12m Igloo being used for business storage To learn more about the advantages of these shelters and explore shelter solutions that will help your business grow.

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