Explore The Versatile Uses of a Container Igloo

Shipping container shelters offer a unique storage solution for a wide array of unique worksites. The team at Ezy Igloo provide containers and igloo domes that offer a safe and secure place for employees, equipment and tools to shelter from the harsh Australian weather. In this article, we outline the various uses of our container igloo range and the different industries that can benefit from them. Contact our friendly team today for a competitive quote.

An Igloo Container for Many Industries

Our range of shipping container shelters offer a wide variety of uses for many different industries.

Commercial and Industrial Sectors

Extra workable space is a common need for most expanding businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors. An igloo shade shelter is an extremely cost-effective solution for quickly setting up a protected area for plant equipment, vehicles, goods and materials. Our shelters increase your storage area and can keep your employees safe from all types of harsh weather conditions. They meet the highest Australian quality and construction standards and are quick and safe to install.

Mining, Oil and Gas

Due to typical harsh working conditions, these industries require high-quality heavy-duty equipment. An igloo container from our range is made with the highest-quality Australian materials and standards, with a quick and safe installation process for businesses in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. On-site requirements are different for all industries, so we design our range for the easiest possible installation. All our shipping container shelters are engineer-certified to high-category wind conditions, with a 10-year structural warranty on the frame and cover.

Farming and Rural

Installing an igloo shade shelter is an effective way of maximising the lifespan of your farming equipment and ensuring it remains as productive as possible. You can protect your machinery, shelter your livestock and store your feed in our weatherproofed shelters.

If you need a convenient outdoor shelter for your worksite that’s easy to install and suitable for a wide range of industries, Ezy Igloo in Victoria can provide an igloo container to suit your needs. Get in touch with our friendly team or contact us online for a quote.