Australian Container Domes: End Walls vs No End Walls

As a leader in affordable shipping container dome shelters, Ezy Igloo has a wide variety of shelters ready for delivery. If you’re looking for a weatherproof workspace or additional storage sheds that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to tailor our top-selling dome shelters to suit your needs, including the addition of end walls. Let’s take a closer look at end walls vs no end walls so you can decide what works best for you.

Dome Shelter With End Walls

Shipping container dome shelters offer premium weather protection on their own, but the addition of end walls takes it to the next level. If you want added privacy, security and full protection from the harsh Australian climate, end walls are a great option for your igloo shelter. Plus, our site shelters are designed, certified and inspected above Australian standards for optimal performance.

Container Dome With No End Walls

If you’re not overly concerned about wind and dust and prefer easy access to your igloo shelter, then you may want to forgo end walls. Our cyclone-rated container domes with no end walls are ideal for sites that regularly use heavy machinery and need to get in and out of storage with ease. Mining, construction and agriculture are just a few of the industries that use this design.

Igloo Shelter With Half End Walls

At Ezy Igloo, we can give you the best of both worlds with half end walls on container domes. If you want additional coverage but still require a large open area for easy entry and exit, half end walls make perfect sense. Our team will work with you to ensure each dome shelter meets your needs for protection and privacy no matter what the location.

Discover Australia’s Best Budget-Friendly Shipping Container Dome Shelters

When you’re in the market for a new igloo shelter that enhances site protection without blowing the budget, Ezy Igloo is the right choice. Get in touch online to get started on your next dome container in Australia.