Standard Sizes of Shipping Container Shelters

Shipping container shelters are a cost-effective, easy-to-install method for storing valuable assets at your work site or business. If you’re looking for igloo domed shelters in a wide range of sizes, with prompt delivery and installation, Ezy Igloo can help. In this article, we outline the wide range of our igloo sizes, discuss our fast turnaround and installation to your site and explain our size-extension options. Contact one of our friendly team today to see when we can deliver your shelter.

Standard Sizes of Shipping Container Igloo

The standard size of our shipping container shelters comes in lengths to suit 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. Their design allows for easy freighting and economic transport. We offer a full range of accessories for all our standard igloo sizes, such as:

  • Full-end and half-end wall options
  • Our patented twist-lock bracket mount system
  • Lighting and electrical system, including solar panels

Fast Turnaround

We provide shipping container shelters in Victoria, while also servicing New South Wales and Queensland. Our dedicated team prides itself on the excellent quality of our igloo domes. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and we will aim to deliver your new shelter as soon as possible. Our highly qualified team will make the set-up of your container canopy simple and stress-free, on time and within the budget. We stock all standard sizes and can deliver to your site within days, depending on your location.

Size Extensions

Every shipping container igloo we make comes with base rails as a standard design feature. This allows us to mount our shelters to the inside or outside edge of the shipping container. You can use this feature to customise the layout of your set-up and increase the size of your storage capacity. This also allows you to mount the container dome in a variety of ways without having to spend money on a more permanent solution.

If you want to find out how quickly we can deliver a shipping container to your work site, call Ezy Igloo today or contact us online to speak to one of our friendly team for a quote.