Mounting Options: Which is Right For You?

Ezy Igloo is a leading supplier of affordable Australian-certified container shelters, with a wide range of sizes to suit commercial and industrial applications. When investing in a new container shelter, one of the top considerations is mounting and which type of installation works best for you. Let’s take a look at the different mounting options for our heavy-duty, high-quality shelters.

Post-Mounted Container Shelter

There are many benefits to Ezy Igloo shipping container shelters, as we offer highly durable construction for innovative designs that can be mounted in a variety of ways with no customisation required. Post mounting is a great option if you have limited room and want to maximise usable space beneath the shelter. 

Wall-Mounted Installations

Another option for mounting igloo shelters involves directly bolting them to a concrete block wall. This is an excellent choice if you need to keep bulk loads dry or work in waste management. Concrete walls prevent contamination while separating bulk materials from the elements, plus, this straightforward mounting style works with a wide range of widths and heights for ample open space.

Ground Mounted Shelter Styles

Last but not least, a ground-mounted dome shelter can mount to the ground either using concrete piers, concrete free anchors or can mount to a concrete slab depending on its thickness. Ground mounted shelters are ideal for large span shelters, or for bulk storage applications. They can even hang conveyors or other items from the roof, turning your ground mounted shelter into a fully functional product storage facility.

Get in Touch With Australia’s Experts in Shipping Container Shelters

As you can see, there are lots of ways to mount our igloo shelters and customise these solutions at different sites. Such versatility, strength and quality make our shelters very popular with Australian aviation, farming, mining, construction and many other industries. Contact us online to discuss your commercial/industrial shelter needs and how we can help.