Modifying Your Shipping Container Dome Shelter in Queensland

Shipping container dome shelters can provide an excellent weatherproofed storage solution for your work or business site. With extensive experience delivering top-quality shelters with excellent service and customer satisfaction, the team at Ezy Igloo in Queensland can help. In this article, we explore our wide range of dome shelter accessories and discuss how they can effectively modify your shelter to suit all your storage needs. Contact our friendly team today for a quote.

Types of Dome Shelter Accessories

We supply a wide variety of accessories you can use to modify your shipping container dome

End Walls

All of our container domes come with the option of using a half-end or full-end wall for even greater protection from the weather. Our products offer long-lasting protection from the extreme sun, wind, rain, dust and snow.

Weatherproofed Joiner Strips

If you need a longer shipping container dome than we stock in our standard range, you can simply add another shelter end-to-end to increase the length of your dome. Our joiner strip provides a weatherproofed seal between the domes.

Shipping Container Modifications

We work with a vast network of dome shelter supplies throughout Australia, providing shelters in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This allows us to supply a wide variety of modified containers that can add greater dimensions to your igloo setup.

Different Mounting Options

There are a variety of different options you can use to mount your dome, including our standard shipping containers. These include post-mounted, wall-mounted and even ground-mounted options. We use our standard base rail to make this process simple and easy.

Various Container Anchors

We have a wide range of container anchors you can use to secure your dome shelter. Different anchor options include:

  • Weights inside the container
  • Concrete piers
  • Concrete slab brackets and screw anchors
  • Concrete-free anchors secured in dirt

For all your dome shelter and shipping container storage needs, get in touch with our friendly team at Ezy Igloo in Queensland today. Contact us online for a quote.