Joiner Strips: Extend Your Queensland Igloo Shade Shelter

If you need storage solutions that can withstand the harsh Australian weather, an igloo shade shelter is an excellent option for your Queensland work site. The team at Ezy Igloo can maximise the efficiency of your operation by customising portable shelters to suit your needs. In this article, we outline how an igloo storage shed can provide an effective storage option, discuss how joiner strips can extend the size of your space and explain why you should choose us. Contact us today.

Igloo Storage Sheds

If you want a site shelter that is cost-effective and minimises your environmental impact, an igloo shade shelter can protect your assets from the severe Australian climate. They are easy to assemble and install and are easily relocatable, allowing you to set up and pack down. We deliver our extensive range of igloo storage sheds to Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. They come in a range of sizes, all of which are designed with a multitude of features, such as:

  • The design to withstand a cyclone, even with the cover on
  • Permanent protection that is easily relocatable
  • Australian-made PE fabric cover
  • 8.8 grade structural bolts
  • Easy to read assembly instructions
  • In-house installation service

Joiner Strips to Extend Your Container Dome Shelter

If you require a longer container dome shelter than we have available in our standard range, you can add more shelters end to end and increase the size of your storage space. You can use our joiner strips to maximum weatherproofing between every dome you add on.

Why You Should Choose Us

We design and certify our igloo storage sheds in Australia to ensure they stand up to the harsh Australian weather. They undergo rigorous testing to meet strict Australian standards and ensure they’re the highest quality possible. You can mount every igloo shade shelter we make onto shipping containers using our standard base rail. You can also mount them on posts, walls or the ground. 

If you want to discover all the benefits of a shipping container shelter and learn how to extend your space with joiner seals, Ezy Igloo in Queensland can help. Call our friendly team or contact us online today for a quote.