Helping Aussie Industries Far and Wide: How Igloo Sheds Work

Ezy Igloo has decades of experience in container shelter design, certification and installation. Our friendly experts are here to help with cyclone-rated igloo shelters that stand the test of time even in Australia’s harsh weather conditions. We are proud to serve a variety of industries and keep worksites moving forward with our versatile solutions that help to protect your outdoor space and storage requirements. Find out how a dome shelter can work for your commercial and industrial needs today.

Versatile Space with Container Igloo Shelters

Protect your business assets with a heavy-duty container igloo made of galvanised steel arches and poly fabric covers. This is a proven way to make extra workspace while protecting products, machinery and personnel from sun, rain, wind, hail and dust. You don’t need to break the bank to do so, as we offer competitive prices on all our dome shelters. Our 10-year warranty makes this a very attractive and worthwhile investment, too.

Cyclone-Rated Igloo Sheds for Industrial Use

Many Australian industries take advantage of our dynamic dome shelters, such as mining, construction, oil and gas. We are pleased to offer an affordable solution that never compromises on quality, as each shelter is inspected above Australian Standards and weld-tested for ultimate peace of mind. Additional third-party inspections guarantee Ezy Igloo shelters are built to last and ideal for numerous industrial applications.

Commercial Container Igloo Solutions

Our igloo sheds are great for commercial businesses, too. We stand by the quality and integrity of our dome shelters for building well-protected work and storage space that stands up even in harsh outdoor elements. Whether you need extra room to store merchandise or want to welcome more customers to your location, we can help you with a long-lasting container shelter.

Get in Touch with Ezy Igloo in Australia

Feeling inspired to invest in an igloo shelter for your site? Ezy Igloo offers many sizes and designs to ensure complete satisfaction with your commercial or industrial dome shelter. Give us a call at 1300 399 445 or contact us online to discuss Australian container domes at great prices.