Get to Know Australian Wind Regions

Before you build your igloo shelter in Australia, it’s essential to understand the various wind regions. The team at Ezy Igloo have extensive experience providing shipping container shelters, with high-quality products designed for each specific wind region. In this article, we explain what Australia’s wind regions are, outline the importance of wind regions when building an igloo shelter and discuss how we can customise a shelter to suit your needs. Contact us today for a quote.

What Are Australia’s Wind Regions?

During the planning phase of your igloo shelter, you need to understand the wind region of your area. These are regions classified by their wind speeds and how often extreme weather events occur. Wind regions have a major influence on how we design and engineer our igloo sheds. There are four wind regions in Australia, which are:

  • Region A – Rated Normal, with wind speeds up to 147.6kmph
  • Region B – Rated Intermediate, with wind speeds up to 186.84kmph
  • Region C – Rated Cyclonic, with wind speeds up to 232.2kmph
  • Region D – Rated Severe Cyclonic, with wind speeds up to 316.8 kmph

Wind Regions and Igloo Sheds

When we design and construct our dome shelters, the wind region of your area is central to our planning. Every igloo shelter we make adheres strictly to Australian standards, with a rigorous assessment that covers the following factors:

  • In which wind region the structure will be located
  • Any wind caused by the surrounding terrain
  • The consequences for the public if the structure fails

Customising Your Igloo Shelter

We customise our igloo sheds to ensure they meet the strictest quality standards so they can tolerate the many diverse wind regions in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Our designs are durable and safe, able to handle extreme Australian weather conditions, such as dust storms, cyclones, snow and the scorching sun.

If you want to discover shipping container storage that can withstand the various wind regions in Queensland, Ezy Igloo can help. Give one friendly team a call or contact us online today for a competitive quote.