Easy Moving: Relocatable Container Shelters

A shipping container shelter provides a helpful, practical solution to storage by offering relocatable weather protection for your work site or business. With over extensive experience, Ezy Igloo can help you find a container igloo to suit your storage needs. In this article, we outline the many features of our relocatable container shelters and highlight their benefits. Get in touch with our friendly team today for a competitive quote.

Features of a Container Shelter

Many industries operate in the vast landscapes of Australia, where extreme weather conditions require a flexible and adaptable solution to asset storage and security. There are many handy features of a container shelter.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

We have designed all our container covers to be easy to assemble and disassemble. This can help to save time, which can be extremely helpful for industries where the need for adaptability is important, such as farming.

Durability of Our Container Covers

We make each container shelter with a curved steel framework wrapped in a heavy-duty polyethylene fabric. This gives them the durability of a permanent structure while allowing for an easy uninstallation. The container covers will remain intact during relocation, even across the many diverse ecosystems of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

Portability of the Structure

We design our shelters for portability, allowing you to move them between sites at a minimal cost. This means you can accommodate the shelter requirements of a variety of different projects, such as a mobile machinery repair shop or produce-storing space.

Benefits of a Relocatable shelter

There are many benefits of using one of our relocatable igloo shelters, such as:

  • They’re easy to move
  • You’ll reduce the cost of constructing new buildings
  • You can lower your environmental impact by using fewer materials
  • You can reuse the shelters across different locations, further reducing economic and environmental costs
  • They’re resistant to infestations, such as termites
  • They require minimal maintenance compared to a permanent structure

Discover the many benefits of using a relocatable shipping container shelter with Ezy Igloo. Call one of our friendly team or contact us online today for a competitive quote.