Australian Quality Guaranteed When You Trust Ezy Igloo

When it comes to choosing a shelter for your needs, quality should always be a top priority. At Ezy Igloo, we understand the significance of ensuring that your investment meets and exceeds all your expectations. As an Australian company manufacturing igloo sheds, we take pride in offering products that are cost-effective and built to Australian Standards.

Dome Shelter Australia

As a consumer, you want your shipping container roof and base to be constructed with care, and we believe in transparency and accountability when it comes to the quality of our products. That’s why we encourage our customers to ask their container shelter suppliers for specific documentation that guarantees quality assurance. Below we outline some essential checks you should consider.

Mill Test Certificates

Mill Test Certificates serve as proof that the steel used in your shelter meets the engineering standards required of a shipping container roof or dome shelter in Australia. At Ezy Igloo, we ensure that our materials are carefully tested and certified to guarantee their strength and durability.

Weld Test Inspection

The quality of welds is crucial to the structural integrity of your shelter. We take this seriously and can assure you that all our welds often exceed the stringent Australian Standard 1554.1. This commitment to excellence means your shelter is built to last.

Third-Party Inspections

To go above and beyond, we subject our igloo shelters to third-party inspections. This additional layer of scrutiny ensures that every detail of your shelter is meticulously examined to meet the highest standards.

Quality and Low Cost is Possible with Ezy Igloo

When you trust us and our shelters, you’re choosing a product that’s certified to Australian Standards. Our commitment to quality sets us apart, and we never compromise on quality even when manufacturing offshore. Although our domes are imported, they are not made in China and are not made with Chinese steel. They are only made with quality steel and are designed, certified and inspected to perform above Australian standards.

Ezy Igloo’s range of igloo sheds and other shelters are cost-effective and always manufactured to Australian standards. Looking for the best quality shipping container roof or dome shelter in Australia? Call 1300 399 445 or contact us online to find your solution!