Assembly Tips: Australian Shipping Container Dome Shelters

Ezy Igloo is known for providing affordable, heavy-duty container shelters. We are based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, where our dedicated team designs and certifies cyclone-rated dome shelters for the ultimate performance you deserve. Our friendly customer service and after-sales support ensure satisfaction with high-strength shipping container shelters made of galvanised steel and poly fabric covers. Check out our top assembly tips in this guide to igloo shelter installation.

Igloo Container Installation Made Simple

With many years of experience in igloo shelter design and installation, our team makes it easy to get your site set up for success. We pride ourselves on easy-to-read instructions for assembling shipping container dome shelters on your own. Otherwise, you can take advantage of our fully certified installation crew to fulfil your site shelter assembly requirements. 

Portable or Permanent Igloo Container Assembly

One of the most appealing aspects of our igloo shelters is that they can be permanently installed or temporarily assembled for relocation later on. Across Australian industries like farming, mining and construction, such flexibility is crucial. After purchasing an igloo container from Ezy Igloo, you will receive straightforward installation instructions with photo references for every step. If you have any questions, you can call our friendly staff who are more than happy to help.

Igloo Shelter Size and Configuration Considerations

When investing in a new container shelter, keep in mind your site’s size and configuration requirements. This will ensure seamless installation so your assets can be protected sooner. Our standard sizes include 6M x 6M, 6M x 12M, 9M x 6M, 9M x 12M, 12M x 6M and 12M x 12M. 15M x 12M, 18M x 12M and 21M x 12M are also available along with custom sizing. Don’t forget to factor in whether you want no end walls, half end walls or full end walls for added security.

Choose Australia’s Top-Rated Shipping Container Dome Shelters

Whether you’d prefer to set your new dome shelter up by yourself or use our in-house installation service, you can trust the quality and performance of Ezy Igloo products. Contact us online to get started on a shipping container shelter solution for your Australian commercial or industrial site.