Add End Walls To Your Container Shelter

Container dome shelters are an excellent storage solution if you want protection from the harsh and varied Australian weather. Create a weatherproof container shelter, by adding either a full or half end wall.In this article, we explain what end walls are, explain how you can secure them and discuss how they can protect your storage space from the weather. Get in touch with one of our friendly team today for a quote.

What Are End Walls?

When you purchase an igloo shade shelter from Ezy Igloo, you get the flexibility of choosing to use a half-end or full-end wall for even greater protection. You can use half-end and full-end walls on one or both ends of your container shelter. These can include a clear opening for an entry or an exit way, or through using gates, PA doors or another sealed door option.

How Do You Secure End Walls?

Our Full End walls, come with anchors to secure to either a concrete slab or concrete piers.  

Concrete Pier Hold Downs

Our full-end walls come with concrete pier hold-downs as part of our standard installation for your container shelter.

Base Rails

We also offer self-supporting end-wall base rails. This option allows for the installation of an end wall without the need for concrete.

Twistlock Bracket

Our twist-lock bracket mount system offers you the option of securing your end wall to your container dome shelter without drilling through your containers.

Maximum Weather Protection

Our end-walls offer maximum protection from the harsh Australian weather. They can shield your container dome shelter from wind, rain, dust and snow, with a cyclone-proof design for areas that suffer extreme weather. We service Queensland and Victoria, as well as New South Wales, with various end-wall options to suit almost all extreme weather events.

If you want to discover excellent storage options to protect your work site or business from the Australian weather, Ezy Igloo can help. Contact us online today and chat with one of our friendly team for a quote.